Memorial Honors Hawks Nest Tunnel Workers
- Gravesite Dedicated
By Charlotte and George Neilan

Hundreds of Depression era workers died of acute silicosis from digging a tunnel for hydroelectric power through almost pure silica. These deaths were preventable.  CLICK FOR MORE

National Guard corrects a grave situation

by George Neilan

Starting Sunday, June 10, as part of a training exercise, some members of the 821st Engineering Platoon of the Army National Guard worked for several days preparing the Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster Workers Cemetery for a memorial dedication scheduled for Sept. 7.  CLICK FOR MORE

Hawks Nest Workers Memorial Planning Session Held

By Charlotte and George Neilan

In America’s worst industrial disaster, hundreds of workers died of acute silicosis in the early 1930s from construction of a hydroelectric tunnel at Hawks Nest near Gauley Bridge.  CLICK FOR MORE

Restoration begins on unkempt Hawks Nest workers’ cemetery

By George and Charlotte Neilan

It wasn’t an easy death. It was reported that one of the dying workers struggled so hard to breathe that he kicked out the wooden slats that held up the mattress on his bed.  CLICK FOR MORE